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About Head2Middleton Archaeological Society was formed in 2011 following an archaeological investigation of Middleton’s historic parish church – St. Leonards. Our society is dedicated to researching the archaeological and historical fabric of the town of Middleton.

Grass Roots
Our emphasis is on historical and archaeological investigations through grass-roots community engagement. We encourage active participation in all our research and events.

Middleton’s Rich History
We are self-funded through memberships and we welcome all with an interest in Middleton and it’s rich history and archaeology.

Events 2015Regular Events

The society organises regular events throughout the year.  During the spring and summer we have several archaeological investigations in Middleton.  We also have an interest in recording old graffiti in Middleton Cluster buildings.

We offer a full and varied programme of talks  at the Old Boar’s Head on the last Thursday of the month which compliment our archaeological programme and also provides insights into other fields and themes of archaeology and history.

Our monthly talks programme is held in our adoptive home of the Olde Boar’s Head on Long Street, Middleton.  These talks are usually scheduled for the last Thursday of the month (we do not have one in December) and the talks start at 7.30pm.  These talks are open to all, we ask for a small entrance fee of £3 for non-members.

All of our events are an opportunity for people who share similar interests to us to come along and see if they what we are doing and would like to join in.


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The society has a written constitution and has an elected committee who’s job it is to run the society on a day-to-day basis, the society membership elects the committee each year at our Annual General Meeting. The officers of the society are also elected at this time.

The Committee
The committee as elected to serve November 2017- November 2018 is:

Cliff Ivers – Chairman
Anne Falloon – Secretary
Cliff Ivers – Treasurer

Liz Fairweather
Sharon Foster
Ian Harlow
Robert Huddart


3 Thoughts on “About us

  1. Anthony Leslie Crook (Tony) on 11/08/2020 at 07:11 said:

    My sister has sent me some documents pertaining to the “Lands End Works” ,Rhodes.
    We used to live at 27 lands end road and now it is all one property 25/27.
    73 years ago I was born there and we knew the works as “Bombrings”.
    Weather this was a reference to the rubber works or not we don’t know.
    It was also a woodworking stroke cabinet makers works and the chimney was still in use.
    Then Bert Scrivvens Demolition co was based there.
    Hope this rings a bell with someone.

  2. Tony Wroe on 28/04/2020 at 18:58 said:

    I dont know if you can help, i am researching Monnouth Street, Middleton, M24 2DZ

    These houses were built in 1955, at the same time or shortly after the Salisbury Conservative Club was built towards the end if the street near Oldham Road, i have seen photos of the fields before Monmouth St and Moorclose estate was built, i am trying to find photos during the build or shortly after, also i believe there was a footpath that ran from the Salisbury club behind the houses on Monmouth St and Berwin Avenue and woukd be interested if i could find any photos or maps/plans

    Yours Sincerely Tony

  3. Dr. John Taylor on 06/06/2019 at 12:35 said:

    An open source document is available concerning the Jackson Brothers of Jumbo (Middleton Junction). They were a family of photographers during the Victorian – Edwardian Periods, and may be of interest to local history enthusiasts. The link is https://archive.org/details/JacksonBrothers_201906

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