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Hello, and welcome to Middleton Archaeological Society or MAS.

MAS was formed in 2011 following an archaeological investigation of Middleton’s historic parish church – St. Leonards.

Our society is dedicated to researching the archaeological and historical fabric of the town of Middleton.

We have a full and varied events programme which is open to members and non-members alike.  We host monthly talks at our adopted HQ – The Olde Boar’s Head.  These talks cover a multitude of topics and are presented by locally, nationally or even an internationally renowned figures.  We have an active programme of archaeological investigations and in 2018 plan events associated with Hopwood Mill Cottage.


MAS investigations of the Hopwood Mill Cottage site will close for the winter on Tuesday 23rd October. 

For other events within the Middleton Heritage group click on http://middletonheritage.co.uk/

4 Thoughts on “Welcome to MAS

  1. Cliff Ivers on 14/11/2018 at 20:56 said:

    Hi Lynore,
    I would suggest your first point of reference would be Middleton Library who have a fine local history collection. They will have books, photographs and old maps that will help your research and may be able to support a visit by the children. There is a local history museum at the Touchstones center in Rochdale that would be interesting to visit.
    I would also suggest a visit to Middleton parish church (it normally offers tours on Fridays) Its the oldest church in greater Manchester with brass rubbing, stained glass, bell ringing and a fine collection of gravestones! The guy to contact there is Geoff Wellens.
    The Facebook group Old Middleton/ new Middleton has a good selection of local history photographs and maps.
    Hope this helps?
    If MAS have any local activities during spring, we may be able to support a visit by the children. I will ask our members if anyone can provide further support.

  2. My name is Lynore Greenwood. I am writing to tell you about an event which is taking part at a local primary school during the spring term. We are having a history week which will involve the entire school completing a local history study. We desperately need advice and expertise in this subject, in order to bring the project to life and make it enjoyable for the children. We are hoping to explore the local area, use maps past and present to explore how the local area has changed, invite people in to talk about the history of Middleton. Any resources such as photographs and newspaper articles, information books, letters would be very useful. I would really welcome any advice, support or useful contacts and look forward to receiving a reply.

  3. Oliver Gerrish on 12/01/2018 at 16:29 said:

    Dear sir or madam

    My great great grandfather was Harvey Heywood, first Mayor of Middleton. Recently I found a photograph of a marble bust of him – do you have any idea of its whereabouts?

    I have a number of photos of Parkfield House, when it was my grandmother’s grandparents’ home – as well as a photo or two of the town. I would be delighted to send you copies of them – please let me know an email address – thank you.

    Any information of Harvey and the marble bust would be fascinating.



  4. Please pass ‘our’ thanks on to Geoff, what a lovely interesting man, we hope he comes back soon.

    The Lighthouse Project, Middleton

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