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MAS publish the Old Boar’s Head Guide

MAS have been carrying out a number of workshops at the OBH to try and understand the history of this iconic Middleton building. We have used the information found to produce a tour guide for visitors to the pub. Its now available on the website  Guide to the OBH

Also, one of the workshop attendees Douglas Newton has a unique knowledge of the building having been an architect on some of the renovations in the 1980’s. He has produced a model of the roof timbers to help interpret the original structure of the building. Douglas feels the original structure consisted of three separate box frame dwellings.  OBH Roof Model (1)

Mas will be carrying out a number of further surveys to the building this winter and hope to publish a booklet on the pub in 2016. Please contact  Cliff Ivers if you would like to help.

MAS continue Olde Boar’s Head workshops

MAS have been working for some time now on trying to record and understand the history of this iconic Middleton Golden Cluster building. Last night (7 May 2015) we held a member workshop and invited the 1980’s architect who oversaw some of the restoration. Douglas Newton was joined by David Morris from the Arts and Craft Awakening. and local historian Geoff Wellens. 

MAS discussing the bricked up doorway

The building has been altered considerably over the years and we are trying to decide if it was a series of small workers cottages or two high status homes . The building was part of Middleton Glebe (owned by St. Leonard’s Church) until the 1880’s when Middleton corporation bought it. It became a public house in the 1730’s and is currently leased by JW Lees.

It is generally accepted that the building was built in 1632. MAS hope to produce a visitor leaflet in time for this years Golden Cluster Heritage week.

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