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We are hoping to provide live updates and photographs of this weekends dig (21/22 Mar 15)

Dig finished Monday at 12:00. It was a great weekend and we hope to publish our findings soon. Next one Hopwood Mill Cottage…..

Rather large post hole with 20th C remains including crisp packets and coke can!   


Tonge Hall Farm 1923

Sunday 16.00; one of the trenches has been filled in and we are going back to finish the other on Monday morning.

The wall at the bottom is the 19c farmhouse and joins on to a much earlier stone foundation going from top to bottom. Not sure what the steel strip is but we can’t seem to move it.

  The picture below of Trench 15 shows the old foundation with a cobbled surface outside the building. The trench was completed by a first time archaeologist and his enthusiastic teenage daughter.

  Typical, men leaning on shovels and supervising the workers.  The Matthews beer bottle   


This is what we found last year at the NW corner.

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