MAS to discover when the Olde Boar’s was built

MAS have obtained funding from the Middleton Township Heritage Initiative to have the timbers at the OBH dated. The building has always assumed to have been built in 1632 because of a carved lintel in the cellar. (unfortunately this is no longer visible). However there are no records of when the building was built. The society have been surveying the pub which consist of 5 square timber frame bays. The pub got its first license in 1725 and it is assumed that the building was originally 2 or more houses that were joined together. The sessions room and outbuildings are extensions to the original timber frame.

MAS will be working with dendrochronology experts from Nottingham Tree-ring Laboratory . They will obtain and analyse timber samples. Hopefully these will be matched with other dated samples to age the timber and get an estimate of when the various parts of the building were constructed.

The results of the work will be announced at the MAS monthly talk on the 28th January 2016.

Mas Jan 16 talk

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