Middleton Research Papers

There is a vast amount of historic information available to anybody who wishes to research the history of Middleton, its people and buildings. Our parish registers are some of the oldest in the country, there are estate papers for the Assheton’s , the Earls of Wilton (Edgerton) and the Hopwoods located at Manchester and Lancashire archives.


Middleton Population Crisis 1623 by Cliff Ivers Discover why so many Middleton folk died in 1623 and the grim connection with the Middleton cluster.

Whilst undertaking research into the first occupants of Middleton’s famous inn, the Boar’s Head, I noticed some exceptionally high mortality rates in the early 17th Century parish records. An early occupier of the inn was Isaack Walkeden who died in 1623 aged 36. The cause of death was not reported in his will although a clue was provided being that he was “sicklie and infirme in bodie but of goode and perfect memorie”

Rob Trueblood has produced a short piece of research entitled “The train now arriving at Middleton Central…”

Unfortunately that announcement was never heard, as Middleton – a thriving industrial town in the 1840s – was by-passed in the great period of railway expansion, when vast sums of money were invested in schemes across the country. There wasn’t to be a connection to the town until the branch line of 1857 through from Middleton Junction.

The Middleton Research Group have found one local man of note, Charles Edward Cawley  (1812-1877) who played a part in that early railway period and we wonder if he could have brought a mainline to the town.


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